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Welcome to my Digital Downloads Hub – your go-to resource for performers, backstage artists, and creatives looking to elevate your "biz" if you are on a budget! Discover a curated selection of expertly crafted guides, templates, and tools designed to help you master the business side of your artistic career. Whether you're an actor or stage technician or creative, my digital downloads provide actionable insights and practical strategies to boost your professional growth. Explore my offerings and level up today and be sure to keep checking back as I add more! Have a request of something you would like to see? Send me an email or message. 

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10 Tips for Promoting your Child as a Performer on Social Media- Only $2.99!

Promote Your Child’s Acting Career with Our 10 Tips for Success!

Are you a parent of a young performer looking to boost their presence online? Our "10 Tips for Promoting Your Child on Social Media" digital download is the perfect resource tool to help you create social media posts.

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Create Your Personal Branding Statement Worksheet - Only $10.00!

Many of you know that my actor pitch is "I'm your Sassy Brassy NY Broad". This adjective phrase describes my essence when I walk into an audition room, helps me to align my marketing materials and pitch succinctly in my cover letters and on casting websites. Also, it allows me to use a phrase that casting directors and agents/managers can reference and align with quickly      (both read and/or write character descriptions daily and thats just how my branding pitch,"Your Sassy Brassy NY Broad, describes me in alignment with characters I play).  If you want more information on why a Branding Statement is important as well as create your own in a 4 step process   grab this worksheet. Download now for just $10.00.

Want more help on Branding then grab my book, "Business & Marketing Strategy For The Proactive Performer" or reach out to work with me 1-1 on your very own Branding Statement.  



Actor/Performer Resume Formatting Template - Only $.99!

Elevate your acting career with my Actor Resume Formatting Template, a one-page printable guide designed to help you create a professional and polished acting resume. This example template shows you exactly how to format your resume properly. Download now for just $0.99!

Want even more of a breakdown how to structure a resume and/or "pro" examples (ie. my actual resume) as another tool to help go grab my book, "Business & Marketing Strategy For The Proactive Performer

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