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Personal Desk

Cover Letters &
Standout Submissions


Cover letter class for performers

Here is What You Get!

  • Tips and tricks that showcase your unique you/talents (and proactive business savvy) so that you standout in your submissions!

  • A cover letter template and a how to break down the cover letter paragraph by paragraph and make it your own.

  • The importance of Branding, a strategy to Brand, and then how to translate that into your cover letters & submissions.

  • The lowdown (and a formula) , as well as examples, on what to put in those little boxes on all the casting websites that go along with your electronic submissions.

  • Ask Your Burning Questions About Creating Cover Letters & Get Them Answered.

  • A Printable PDF you can keep forever and use for reference when you are finished.

Personal Desk

What Is The Cost: $19.99


How Long Is The Workshop: 1 Hour Video


How Is It Taught?


You will be watching a video of Kimberly alongside with viewing a powerpoint. You will then download the printable PDF when you are finished for future reference. (PLEASE NOTE: This class in Teachable was recorded using zoom and live students).


How Long Do I Have To Take the Course:


You have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete the course so that you can take it on your own time and at your own pace. Remember, you will have a downloadable PDF to keep forever and act as a reference for the things you learned.


PLEASE NOTE: This course is non-refundable.

​Standout and Get Seen in Your Cover Letters & Electronic Submissions to Casting & Creatives!

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