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Timberlake Teaches



Timberlake Teaches Biz and marketing class for performers

A 45 minute video for the beginning professional


Launch your professional acting career with the necessary business tools, tips and tricks you will learn in this one hour course that will make you standout and get those auditions! Taught by Kimberly Faye Greenberg, also known as The Broadway Expert, and one of the current Top 10 Performing Arts Coaches in the World! She discusses major casting websites and shows you how to check if one is reputable, what to write in your cover letters to get auditions without representation, and how to pick great audition material to help you stand out. She explains how you can make 'Pay to Play' casting workshop work for you. This is in addition to what makes a good headshot, how to format your resume, what should be on your website, and how to use post cards to build relationships with casting directors. She includes free resources as well as tips about building your network and creating your own opportunities!

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