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  • Creating and Formatting Cover Letters;

  • Guide to the NY Market;

  • Branding;

  • Info. About the Union (Wardrobe Only)

  • Coaching on How To Find Work

  • Don't see what you need? Ask!




NEW CLIENTS ("Pixie Dust Session")

$30 INTRO session

(30 minutes )

$100 for a 60 minute session

*Please ask for a COVID special rate

if you have been effected by the




If any of my theatre admin or actor friends are looking to spruce up their resume, contact Kimberly Faye Greenberg. Mine is the best its ever looked thanks to Kim's amazing eye for detail, industry insights and approach to personal branding.

-Matt Luminello, New York City

Theatre Administration


Kimberly Faye Greenberg just helped me get ready for the Broadway costuming world. We chatted for an hour while she critiqued my resume and helped me find "my brand." Never in a MILLION years did I think that my little email to a Broadway dresser would get me this kind of help and support. I would check her out guys, seriously. She's incredible and super nice to boot.  Thanks again Kimberly for making this small town girl so excited for her dreams to become a reality.

-Evelyn Lebel, New York City

Costume Designer & Broadway Wardrobe Dresser 

(4+ Broadway shows since working with Kimberly)


I booked my first Broadway show! I'll be joining the company of "Come From Away" as a dresser swing. A big thank you goes to Kimberly Faye Greenberg! She is a professional consultant who helped pinpoint my strengths and construct a  cover letter and resume. Then has guided and supported me through the process.

-Jaime Ray Soto, New York City

Broadway Wardrobe Dresser

(Has numerous Broadway shows now as a Dresser)


As a budding costume designer, Kimberly has been my guiding STAR, navigating me through the tumultuous New York industry scene. Her wealth of knowledge from years of experience makes her advice as good as gold, ah heck, as good as platinum! During our first consult, she gave me an incredibly detailed and direct break down of how my goals could be approached. She delivered all of this advice with great warmth but at the same time with a direct, "no-sugar-coating" passion. It was the push I needed.  I strongly recommend Kimberly's services to anyone looking to seriously pursue a career in the arts/entertainment. She's the absolute best!

-Somie Pak, New York City

Costume Designer & Wardrobe Dresser

(Somie has gone on to work in TV/Film & Broadway)


Working with Kimberly Faye Greenberg as a mentor is like having a personal FAYErie Godmother who looks after your career.  I frequently recommend her services to actors or working professionals in the theatre. Aside from being knowledgeable in theatre she is just a lovely and friendly person which makes the consultations feel very comfortable and safe.

-Daniel Walstad, New York City

Actor, Costume Designer &

Broadway Wardrobe Dresser & Supervisor

If it wasn't for Kimberly walking me through my resume and cover letter I don't think I would be swinging as a Dresser on Broadway. I was awful at writing cover letters becuase I didn't understand them, but after one session with Kimberly it clicked. Contact her directly! Do it!

-Jon Reilly, New York City

Costumer Designer &

Broadway Wardrobe Dresser

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