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  • Defining Type/Branding

  • Marketing (websites, postcards, press kits, etc.)

  • Finding Your Niche

  • Conquering the NYC Market

  • Steps For Creating Solo Shows, CD's etc.

  • Figure Out Unique Performing Projects

  • Bounce Ideas and Actor Problems

  • Defining Goals and Goal Setting

  • Guide to Pursuing Agents and Managers

  • Information on How the Unions Work

  • Basic Audition Protocol

  • Cover letters/pitching

  • Don't see what you need? Ask!


NEW CLIENTS ("Pixie Dust Session")

$30 INTRO session

(30 minutes )

$100 for a 60 minute session 

*Please ask for a COVID special rate

if you have been effected by the



$150 for the HOW TO GET AN AGENT One-on-One

(90 minutes)

*please click here for more information on my online class

which is $79.50

Slate To Brand Actor Evaluation Clients Only

$150 for a 60 minute

(purchase this session only here)





An evening with Kimberly's Performing clients.

Don't Tell Mama, NYC


This lady really helped me find my confidence in my brand during my first year in NYC and now I'm on a Broadway tour

-Carmen  Vass , New York City

Working with Kimberly Faye Greenberg as a mentor is like having a personal FAYErie Godmother who looks after your career. She really has a gift for understanding the unique strengths of actors and gave me specific proactive advice which helped to clarify how to run my career as a business. Her consultations are so specific to your unique strengths as a performer it feels as if she has known you for years.

-Daniel Walstad, New York City


Thank you for helping me find my voice in this business and to not be an echo. Kimberly's motivational guidance and mentoring have been instrumental in my success as a performing artist. Her experience and insight have been an invaluable asset on my career path. She helped me edit my website, gave me constructive advice on my headshots, helped me create my branding statement that is unique to me, and, helped me to understand every thing that I have to offer,  that I did not even realize. She truly cares about you as her client. Working with Kimberly has been one of the best things that has happened to my career.

-Emy Holden, North  Carolina


Working with Kimberly made my branding less confusing and clear. I'm able to easily pick out songs & my audition wardrobe because she has helped me develop my business materials/thought process in line with who I really am.   And, thanks to you I've found my niche!

-Yvette Bedgood, New York City


As an actor we focus so much on the acting classes and the auditions that we forget all about the business side of "show business."  It can be hard for us to step outside of ourselves to see how we are seen, the old adage "you can't see the forest for the trees" comes into play here.  Kim helped me define my type and helped me see myself as my type. I have now done several sessions with her and she is spot on with her guidance and feedback.  This business can be tough, and there are a lot negative people that you will come in contact with.  What we all need as a performer is a positive knowledgeable force on our side Kimberly Faye Greenberg can be that for you. 

-Paul Thomas Ryan, New York City

Shoutout to the magical Kimberly Faye Greenberg who I had a career consultation with yesterday. Not only is she savvy and supportive, she has genius ideas. I feel inspired!

-Leah Emmerich, Chicago


Kimberly Faye Greenberg not only helped me create a branding statement that was unique and telling of who I was as a performer but also helped me to create a website design that supported my branding statement! She helped me to understand that everything I do, whether it be website design, choosing material, and the look of my headshots should be supported by my brand. In addition to talking about branding, Kimberly and I also spoke about my nerves and how they can negatively impact my auditions. She offered me great advice and I have started to let my nerves go and just tell the story!

-Kelly Reader, New York City

Kimberly Faye Greenberg came through in a dark time. She knows this business better then almost anyone I know and we all need that guide. She is the best.

-Marissa Carpio, New York City


I don't do a lot of recommendations but this lady is the s*!#! She has helepd me countless times. She knows her subject well. If you are looking to navigate or brush up on your agent getting skills, shes the bee's knees and worth your time.

-Amorika Amoroso, New York City


Kim is seriously amazing! When I moved to the city I didn't have any sort of branding. We sat down and she explained everything to me clearly about what I needed to do and what steps to take. I am so happy to say that it works! Ever since I started branding myself I have been getting callbacks, people have been contacting me, and I feel like a much more confident artist because I know who I am and can bring that to the table at auditions.

-Dillon Greenberg, New York City

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