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Personal Desk

One-on-One Coaching


  • Defining Type/Branding

  • Marketing (websites, postcards, press kits, etc.)

  • Finding Your Niche

  • Conquering the NYC Market

  • Steps For Creating Solo Shows, CD's etc.

  • Figure Out Unique Performing Projects

  • Bounce Ideas and Actor Problems

  • Defining Goals and Goal Setting

  • Guide to Pursuing Agents and Managers

  • Information on How the Unions Work

  • Basic Audition Protocol

  • Cover letters/pitching

  • Don't see what you need? Ask!

Personal Desk

NEW CLIENTS ("Pixie Dust Session")

$30 INTRO session

(30 minutes )

$100 for a 60 minute session 


$150 for the HOW TO GET AN AGENT One-on-One

(90 minutes)

*please click here for more information on my online class

which is $79.50


An evening with Kimberly's Performing clients.

Don't Tell Mama, NYC

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