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2 hour Online Course

Take the course on your own time on your phone, laptop, or iPad.

Plus, you can refer back to it for 6 months after enrollment!

(Plenty of time to get that REP!)

Does Trying to Get an Agent Feel Like a Catch 22?

Wondering how to get an acting agent WITHOUT any experience?


Maybe you’re a seasoned performer looking to take your craft to the NEXT LEVEL?


Or maybe you’re TIRED of taking low, or non-paying gigs in TV, Stage or Film?


My “How To Get an Agent” Course is perfect for

ALL LEVELS and ALL TYPES of Performers from Beginners to Professionals.


Whether you are a Stage, TV, or Film actor,

Musical Theater triple threat,

a Dancer or Singer . . .

this course shows you what you need to do to land that coveted agent,

and get better-paying gigs!





Are You Overwhelmed by How to Get an Agent and Feeling Any of the Following?


“I don’t even know where to start in looking for an agent.”


“I never get any response from meetings or pitches to agents.”


“I never have enough time or money to put in the work to get an agent, or even to figure out how to do it.”


“How do I stick out and get noticed?”


“The whole process of looking for an agent is totally overwhelming.”





I Turn These Frustrations into Empowerment in One 2 Hr. Course!


The following are the compliments I most often receive from students after taking the course:


“It was a step-by step process that worked.”


“This course de-mystified the process of how to get an agent.”


“I learned how to stand out and showcase my unique talent amongst the thousands auditioning.”


“I now feel in control of the process and feel empowered to reach out to agents and do interviews.”


“I learned how to work smarter not harder, saving valuable time and money.”





If you feel like you are throwing spaghetti at a wall and nothing is sticking,

My “How to Get an Agent” Course is for you!


What You Will Get Out of This Course:

  • How to stand out in a saturated market

  • Learn what an agent does and what percentage you can expect them to take for commission

  • Find out how an agent serves you to find the best fit at whatever level you are at right now

  • Get advice on how to prepare what you will need to provide to an agent

  • How to pitch agents in letters, workshops, phone calls and more

  • 5 short audio modules with accompanying PDFs

  • Follow-up protocol and more!!



You will also get my TEMPLATES for creating your own:

  • Cover letters

  • Networking & Castability lists

  • Pitch with worksheets that will help you clarify your brand

  • Your own marketing catchphrase that agents can use to understand your work and pitch you to casting



AND . . .

  •  An Agent! If you follow the steps I outline in this course . . .



PLUS, you can ask Kimberly any questions you have in the comments during the course and she will answer them!



This small investment will pay off with huge dividends by investing in your future. I will teach you how to overcome all of the obstacles to getting an agent, with a no-fluff, step by step process to do it yourself!

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