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FREE Actor Marketing
& Strategy Seminar!

Kimberly Greenberg teaching marketing for performers

Filmed at the Westfield International Film Festival as part of its workshop series, Kimberly’s seminar helps actors at all levels with actionable tips and tricks of marketing themselves in the biz.


This includes thinking more strategically about how they are presenting their own uniqueness in their marketing materials (including headshots, resumes, websites, postcards, cover letters, social media handles and more).

Personal Desk

A 90 minute class version is available in-person or zoom for Colleges, Universities, Performing Arts Programs who would like to arrange a group session!

Kimberly Greenberg Film Festival

Kimberly also talks about the importance of branding and how to use it.


She also speaks on the power of being proactive and creating your own content that showcases you as well as gives actionable tips to do that.


Seminar was prerecorded/taught by Kimberly Faye Greenberg from the Brunch and Learn Series at the Westfield International Film Festival.


Total time is 30 minutes

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