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Business & Marketing Strategy for the Proactive Performer Book
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As a Performing Arts Coach and Consultant, Kimberly loves to inspire, educate and work one-on-one with proactive onstage and behind-the-scenes Artists to help navigate the business side of showbiz while encouraging all wanting to work in the performing arts community to embrace your own uniqueness and find your own niche.


As  The Broadway Expert Kimberly’s interviews, created video and written content, and collaborations about working on Broadway and in the Performing Arts field have been featured and gone viral on all the major Theatre websites/publications and a vast array of other sources.


Kimberly also teaches online classes & workshops and loves to collaborate with organizations and other entities to bring the best and most useful tools and information about the workings of Broadway and being a full time Broadway Artist to students and lovers of the stage .

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It's official! #TheBroadwayExpert released 


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This is a go-to book for

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Business & Marketing Strategy for the Proactive Actor Book
Cover letters & Standout Submissions for Performers and actors Online course


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